November 2019 - Latest news and views from Ryder & Dutton

As Christmas is only around the corner and winter is on its way, we wanted to offer our guidance on topics that may be on your mind right now.

Specifically, tips on maintaining your gardens during this time of year when a drastic drop in temperature arrives and snow is forecast.

This month we're also looking into existing tenants and whether they would consider buying a home even if it affected their commute.
We also have an article on the topic of rental properties. Now is a very busy time for landlords as they seek to avoid lengthy vacant periods over the festive holidays.

Thank you for taking the time to read our newsletter, we hope you enjoy the articles and stories featured!

Ryder & Dutton

Majority of renters say they would move a maximum of 17 minutes further away from work to buy a home

Property jargon buster – a glossary of terms

A busy time for lettings as property owners seek to avoid a vacant dwelling

What happens to your mortgage when you move home?

Keeping your garden alive this winter

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