What are buyers looking for in a property?

Surveys have often looked into the buying habits of house hunters and what attracts them to a property.


Once someone views a property they can often make decisions quite quickly as to whether it’s the house for them. In fact only a couple of years ago HSBC reported that on overage it takes people longer to decide to buy a pair of shoes than it does a house!

So what are buyers looking for in a property?


Well, it is true that this often varies from buyer to buyer and we also see regional differences between house hunters, but here are some of the key factors buyers look at when choosing a home, as discovered by regulated property buyer, Good Move;


The top 10 most desirable amenities to have nearby are:

1) Scenic views - 44%

2) Budget supermarkets, such as Aldi, Lidl and Iceland - 39%

3) Local restaurants/bars - 37%

4) Traditional pubs - 36%

5) Independent shops - 34%

6) Walking trails - 33%

7) High-end supermarkets, such as Waitrose and Marks and Spencer - 32%

8) A certain school catchment area - 29%

9) Coffee shops - 28%

10) Local library - 25%



Overall, the top five details which Brits first research when moving house are:

1) Public transport links - 21%

2) Schools - 20%

3) Crime rates - 17%

4) Amenities - 17%

5) Broadband speeds - 11%


Broadband speed is now seen as essential with home buyers. The latest Housing Futures report shows that 57% of the 2,000 home owners surveyed believed that good broadband speed is essential when choosing a property to buy. This is up from 48% five years ago.


Traditionally access to good schools has always a popular reason for moving home however it is interesting to see that although this is still a strong motivating factor in people moving home, other lifestyle choice are becoming influential factors to house hunters; such as supermarkets, bars and restaurants and scenic views.



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